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"See, they never held you back.
It was you, only you." Yrsa Daley-Ward, Mental Health (via brivid)




someone please make a meme masterpost of every tumblr meme ever


it doesn’t have all of them but it has a lot of them

this is so surreal honestly its like traveling through time


soooo sick of the sexualization of asuka, so sick of people defining her by her (unhealthy) relationship with shinji, so sick of people looking at her as this inherently sexual being when in reality she is just searching desperately for validation and to feel “adult” in any way she can, so sick of people erasing asuka’s actual character so they can look at her as a “”cute tsundere”“


Found these nice flowers in Harajuku just now 🌿


summer is over boys„„


summer is over boys„„

"It’s amazing what storms your face can hide, what terrible wrecks can writhe and heave beneath, without one ripple on the surface." Jenny Valentine, Double (via mirroir)


i love y…………………uri thats not overly sexualized or written by men

"We are instinctively more inclined to hope than to fear; just as our eyes turn of themselves towards light rather than darkness." Arthur Schopenhauer (via itsquoted)


Maybe Makoto/Haru in blanket cocoons or hanging out in a tent made of blankets? c:


"And Death, in his shame,

built a kingdom from dust

as penance, as proof,

that his fingers were made

for more than destruction." Emily Palermo (via unexcusable)


Kaneoya Sachiko


Kaneoya Sachiko

hella places to go on street view 


canals of venice // metropolitan museum of art // taj mahal // eiffel tower // versailles // burj khalifa // moma // canadian parliament // the white house // diagon alley // national portrait gallery (usa)  // national gallery (uk) // christ the redeemer // mount fuji // cern // hashima island // grand canyon // scott’s hut (antarctica) // japanese mineshaft // angkor wat // railway in the swiss alps // cinque terre // musee d’orsay // allure of the seas cruise ship // chateau de fontainebleu // wieliczka salt mine // colusseum // everest base camp // mudslide bridge // tengboche monestary // berg field center // tokyo tower // trafalgar square // central park // royal palace of amsterdam // tardis // acropolis museum // kunsthistorisches museum // frick collection // smithsonian american art museum // tokyo national museum